DREAMLAB is a mobile platform for a joint research and development of Saphire™ dream and imagery work in the context of performing arts — into tools and strategies for research, creation and performance in the context of performing arts. DREMALAB was established in 2010 as a response to a need for a permanent space for practice and experimentation with Saphire™ technologies of dreaming in relation to other approaches and methods of work with imagination and body, and as a way to promote dreaming as a legible source of knowledge and foundation of transformative and subversive creativity.

It takes place in a form of modules that focus the research and exchange of practices and knowledge around specific aspects of dreaming and topics related to it. DREAMLAB modules have been hosted by different organization and festivals throughout EU, such as The City of Women, Teatar &TD, Performa, a.pass, among others. In each module DREAMLAB brings together a group of artists and specialists from different backgrounds and fields with a shared interest in dreaming to engage with the proposed topic as well to share their own perspectives, approaches, fascinations of engaging with dreaming within their own practices.

The core of the work in DREAMLAB is based in Saphire™ techniques of dreaming, which induce transformative and affective power of images received from within through one’s inner gazing. DREAMLAB is a sculpture in time.

Saphire™ Work is a registered trademark of Catherine Shainberg.