PRESENCING is a movement-oriented practice based on dreaming as a way of a body experiencing and processing the perceived information by constantly generating a flow of images that runs next to our daily focused consciousness. We release into a flowing body receiving through its inner gazing. PRESENCING is a way of unfolding of the moving body in dialogue with the intentionality of the emerging images and with their affective and transformative powers in order to generate movement vocabulary and expand its possibilities while sculpting physical actions in time. PRESENCING works with the flow of becoming the images of one’s dreaming, in which presence, force and logic of the images move and in-form the moving body. We work with an open, porous, flowing and malleable body, shifting between in and out, between the self and the other, embracing multiple points of view. PRESENCING trains us to be completely present here and now as well as to the realm of dreaming, to playfully create while shifting one’s attention between two worlds that continuously penetrate and inform each other.

PRESENCING is based on Saphire™. Saphire™ Work is a registered trademark of Catherine Shainberg.