DREAMWORK is a system for improvisation and real-time composition, which engages with dreaming awake and at night. It works with dreaming as a way of a body experiencing and processing information by constantly generating images. DREAMWORK consists first of a set of specific protocols of inducing a dream script to an individual or a group or opening a night dream as a script for improvisation. Secondly DREAMWORK consists of a set of guidelines for improvisation and real-time composition that concern creation of individual and collective physical actions through movement in relation to space and other bodies in it, the relation between the unfolding imaginary places and the real space. The system can be used as such or as a vehicle for staging a dream script. Integrating the practice of presencing as a way of unfolding of the moving body in dialogue with the intentionality of dream images as well as their affective and transformative powers, DREAMWORK aims for an individual and collective sculpting of images in time and space. It is a way of the collective unfolding of language, logic as well as improvisational and compositional principles coming from dreaming itself and from the particularities of a specific dream script.

DREAMWORK is based on Saphire™. Saphire™ Work is a registered trademark of Catherine Shainberg.