ELIAS 2069

ELIAS 2069 is an institute, a laboratory, a school, an art residency space, a home and a durational art project, but foremost it is a space for creation of blueprints for the coming world. It runs on love, imagination and care for the world. It supports what is potenial in the present on its way towards manifestation.

The facility used to be an old vilage school built a little less than hundred years ago. Now largely renovated it has two large apartments, art studios and sauna. Next to it are a playround for kids, a permaculture garden, an outdoor spa in the making, a forest turned into an imaginary labyrinth, an outdoor stage and so much more.

We are now able to receive you and host you here with yr ideas in development, art projects, scientific researches, healing practices, levitation workshops or whatever rests latent in you, so you can further develop your gifts an share them with others.

If u want to live, rest, dream, envision, imagine and create among bears, wolves, deer, birds of pray, countles salamanders and thousands of fireflies, surrounded by the ocean of green, wonders of nature’s wild beauty right in the heart of mystery, we’ll soon host u here.

For all your questions and inquieries, send us an email to malakline@gmail.com

ELIAS 2069, Mohorje 6, 1314 Rob, Slovenia