‘Mala channels what I would love to call immaterial presence: immaterial because this presence is of a different nature from bodies and objects that are born, grow and perish;
presence, because this presence is not of that very present moment;
no, it is the intersection of the future and the past;
Mala connects past and future;
Mala is that personality that connects us to the beings not present in that space at a specific moment.
Mala connects us to that transcendence.
“Transcendence” that is here,
that is in the air – air that I love and enjoy to breath.’
Georg Weinand, Managing director of Dampfzentrale Bern (1/12/2012)

‘Mala Kline’s performances are based on theoretical premises and in-depth research of the subject of performance. She is philosophically versed and intelligent artist who has an exceptional ability on stage of opening up ingenious images and spaces. Processing of archetypal themes and effects she has developed a unique staging approach, which is in its complexity capable of a wide range of astounding transformations on the thin edge between chaos and emotionally precise structure.’ (Ksenja Hribar Award jury, 28/2/2013)

‘The fact that Mala Klina’s artistic opus is unreasonably extensive and qualitatively one of the richest among artists of her generation provides the philosopher with an exceptional conceptual apparatus with experience and analytical insight of excessive level and, last but not least, complex clarity of her thought.’ (Ksenja Hribar Award jury, 18/9/2021)