Mala Kline (SLO/BE) is a performer, choreographer and writer. She holds BA in philosophy and comparative literature (UL, Ljubljana), MA in theater (DasArts, Amsterdam) and PhD in philosophy (UL, Ljubljana and in the frame of a.pass research centre, Brussels). She is a certified practitioner and teacher of Saphire™ imagery and dream work by Catherine Shainberg and the School of Images (NYC). In 2005 she founded EMANAT – institute for affirmation of contemporary dance in Slovenia, in 2010 The School of Images Slovenia for dissemination of dream and imagery work throughout EU, in 2011 DREAMLAB – a mobile platform for a joint experimentation and a translation and reworking of Saphire™ imagery and dream work into a tools and strategies for research, creation and performance in the context of performing arts, and in 2018 ELIAS – Experimental Laboratory for Information Arts and Science.

All her artistic and theoretical work is embedded in the practice of dreaming. Dreaming is a way of an experiencing body processing the ongoing flow of perceived information by constantly generating images. On the base of Saphire™ work she developed a creative and performative practice of presencing – a way of unfolding of the moving body in dialogue with the intentionality of the emerging images and with their affective and transformative powers in order to generate movement vocabulary and expand its possibilities while sculpting physical actions in time; and dreamwork, a system for dance improvisation and real-time composition, which engages with dreaming awake and at night in diverse group-settings as a way of collective unfolding of language, logic as well as the compositional principles from dreaming itself. She teaches these practices in different settings throughout EU. She also uses Saphire™ in coaching and mentoring artists, researchers, entrepreneurs and other creative professionals to facilitate personal transformation and to enhance focus and subversive creativity.

In her author-based choreographic works, such as Eden, Scores for Dreaming, Dream Hostel, Genesis, she uses Saphire™ to facilitate individual and communal dreaming in order to create unique singular worlds weaved from and generated through the language of our dreaming. Her work is a constant practice of presence, an ongoing return into the creative space where dreaming and the here and now, juxtaposed, continuously penetrate and inform each other. She has been awarded with the Golden Bird Award, several Triton Awards and Ksenija Hribar Award for choreography among others. ‘Mala Kline’s performances are based on theoretical premises and in-depth research of the subject of performance. She is philosophically versed and intelligent artist who has an exceptional ability on stage of opening up ingenious images and spaces. Processing of archetypal themes and effects she has developed a unique staging approach, which is in its complexity capable of a wide range of astounding transformations on the thin edge between chaos and emotionally precise structure.’ (Ksenja Hribar Award)

Saphire™ Work is a registered trademark of Catherine Shainberg.